Laser Micro-machining

Is a technique with many practical applications. Usually, fs laser pulses are considered the best approach, for the energy is deposited on the material before it has time to diffuse, hence producing neater surfaces. Yet, fs lasers are expensive and difficult to operate. Our work is aimed to offer ns-pulse (available), ps-pulse (construction in progress) and fs-pulse (available at another lab under a special agreement) laser facilities to determine which is the best option for each particular need of the local industry, taking into account the operation cost and difficulty as relevant parameters.


Laser Rangefinder

Distances can be measured with precision by sending laser pulses and measuring the time it takes to observe the reflection. This technique is useful for both military and civilian applications. We have developed several all-solid-state laser based prototypes at 1064 nm, able to detect echoes at 10 km from non-cooperative targets and in daylight. The development of a final product is under way. We are also working on the design and construction of a prototype operating at eye-safe wavelength.


Experimental study of extreme events in all-solid-state lasers

Extreme events, or optical rogue waves, is a “hot topic” in nonlinear dynamics science nowadays. Our work is aimed to shed new light on the general features of the phenomenon, and to explore its application to get new small sources of laser pulses of high intensity at selected times. These devices would be especially useful, e.g., for a laser rangefinder aboard a drone.

Propagation of entangled states of photons at a distance

Mastering this technique is necessary to implement Quantum Key Distribution (QKD, or Quantum Cryptography) prototypes, and also to perform new tests of interest in the foundations of Quantum Mechanics. Our experimental approach has the original features of using a pulsed source and time-stamped detection files. These features enhance the security and the signal-to-noise ratio in QKD, and also allow the search for non-ergodic dynamics in the fundamental tests.